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A partial list of our representation:


The Ambriola Company (Locatelli - Auricchio)

Dairyfood USA (Queso de Casa - Glacier Ridge Farms)

Dakota Provisions

Don's Prepared Foods

Emmi Roth USA (Emmi - Roth - Cypress Grove)

Fratelli Beretta - Busseto Foods

Hannah International (Labneh - Hommus - Falafel)

Kayem Foods (Kayem CAB Franks & Kielbasa - Al Fresco Chicken Sausage/Breakfast Sausage)

Lactalis Deli (President - Rondele - Galbani)

Middlefield Cheese Co-op (Sunrise Creamery)

Midwest Pasta

Milton Creamery

Premier Foods (Mr. Kipling)

Potter's Organics (Crackers and Oyster Crackers)

Racine Danish Kringles

Rakusen's Crackers and Bonn's & Co. Crackers

Schuman Cheese

Tai Foong USA (Royal Asia - Northern Chef)

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