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R & J Sales and Marketing is headquartered in St. Louis, MO.  We are located in the population center of the country with a metro area of approximately 2.7 million served by three regional grocery chains, one major national retailer and several wholesale distributors.


Although we have focused on deli departments in supermarkets throughout the Midwest, Southwest and Southeast, we have extended our reach into Dairy, Bakery, Seafood, and Dry Grocery Products by adding sales expertise in these categories, as well as foodservice.


We have continued to expand our store coverage as we grow and invest new commission opportunities into retail personnel for even broader coverage.



             Retailers                                                                  Geography

                Schnuck Markets                                                                      St. Louis Metro

                Dierberg's                                                                                 Southern Illinois

                Save-A-Lot                                                                               Northern Illinois

                Straubs                                                                                      Evansville

                Brookshire Grocery Company                                                 Memphis

                Miscellaneous Independents                                                    East Texas/Louisiana/Arkansas



Cohen Foods

Swiss-American, Inc.

Kuna Foodservice

Fox River Dairy

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